Threat to national security, Telegram officially blocked by Iraqi government: Okezone techno

APPLICATION Telegram is officially blocked in Iraq. Iraq’s telecommunications ministry recently decided to ban the messaging app due to concerns over personal data breaches and national security threats.

As reported by Gizchina, on Tuesday (8/8/2023), the Iraqi Ministry of Telecommunications assessed that Telegram was unable to properly handle user data. They claim that this blocking step can maintain the integrity of users’ personal data.


The ministry also said the app was blocked because it was feared it could leak official state agency data and citizens’ personal data. The blocking order was sent by official letter.

“The Ministry of Communications affirms respect for citizens’ rights to freedom of expression and communication, without compromising the security of the state and its institutions,” Iraq’s telecommunications ministry said.


Of note, Telegram, like many other chat applications, is expected to collect and store users’ personal data. This includes personal information such as names, phone numbers and even location data.

The Iraqi government is concerned that this data could be misused or accessed by irresponsible individuals, thereby jeopardizing the privacy and security of its citizens.


In addition to the personal data breach, national security concerns played a big part in the decision to block Telegram. The Iraqi government believes the app’s encryption features make it difficult for authorities to monitor and track potential threats.

This lack of oversight can be exploited by individuals or groups with malicious intent. They say this could pose a serious threat to the country’s security.

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In response to the ban, Telegram said all user data in its application is very secure and poses no risk to users. The company insists that no one can access the data other than the authorities.

Telegram said it would hold talks with the Iraqi government to see how its services could be restored. They also urged app users to keep calm and continue talking to the government.


‚ÄúPlease stay calm, all user data is highly secure and we will do everything we can to restore our service. We are in talks with the government,” Telegram said.

Telegram’s ban in Iraq has been met with mixed reactions. While some users have expressed disappointment, others have welcomed the move as necessary.

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