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JAKARTA – Keyboard Cleaning is one of the computer accessories that is most often overlooked. While rigs can have all sorts of advanced components, and mechanical keyboards with player-friendly key layouts are available, this isn’t always a priority. Standard keyboards are even more often used for work.

As with the mouse, users easily click or type repeatedly every day, without paying attention to the wear and tear on this important computer component. When the keyboard looks dirty, users will obviously clean the keyboard surface that looks dirty, but they often forget to pay attention to it. It turns out that an unclean keyboard can have a negative impact on the life of the keyboard and the health of the user.

So, what risks can you run if you don’t clean your keyboard?

Launch from Slashgear, On Wednesday (10/18/2023), in the month of September 2023, Statista reported that the average workday in the United States was 34.4 hours. A large number of these people spend a lot of time connected to computers. This means that there is a lot of bacteria on the keyboard.

It is well known that surfaces we touch frequently, such as keyboards, desktops, smartphone screens and other objects, can be highly contaminated. Lisa Ackerley of the Royal Society of Public Health said in a 2014 Initial Hygiene video that “3,000 organisms can be found per square inch on a keyboard” and they are not friendly hosts.

The study found that 96% of the 25 keyboards swabbed for the study were contaminated with bacteria Escherichia coli Gram negative, staphylococcus AND basil. These bacteria will not cause disease or harm. However, if users share the keyboard with sick people, there is a risk of transmitting diseases such as the flu to each other.

You may not often think about cleaning your keyboard because it doesn’t seem dirty. If you can see every microorganism that has landed on your keyboard, you may be more careful about cleaning it. However, there are times when dirt is invisible and accumulates, posing several risks.

The habit of eating at your desk causes small food particles to enter the keyboard. This can cause problems if it builds up.

In some situations, it may be difficult to register keystrokes, as the distance between commonly used keys is large enough to allow for various types of residue. Although some keyboard keys can be removed, on other keyboards it is difficult to remove crumbs that stick to them.

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