This is the cause of Panji Adventurer diabetic pain relapse: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Panji Petualang is known to suffer from dry diabetes. The 34-year-old snake charmer’s physical condition now appears to have declined dramatically with a lean body and haggard face.

According to his confession, diabetes has actually weakened him for a long time. Because Panji Petualang himself has a history of diabetes which was passed down to him from his father.

However, diabetes has reappeared due to several factors. In a broadcast on Panji Petualang’s YouTube channel, Panji admitted that his diabetes had recurred due to poor diet and snakebites.

“Being drastically thin is a symptom of diabetes. My father told me that the diabetes went down, then yesterday my diet was not right, which made my blood sugar go up and my body went down,” he said. said Panji quoted on Wednesday (8/9) /2023).

“Panji knows that blood sugar really likes to go up. Only yesterday the immunity weakened when I was bitten by a king cobra. blistered hands. I got hit right there,” he continued.

Panji himself currently admits that he is still on herbs and drugs prescribed by a doctor. The latest news reports that Panji’s blood sugar level is very high, namely 292 md/dL, while normal blood sugar levels are below 140 mg/dL.

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