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SOCCER Causes and ways to overcome it excel what cannot be changed, Anca can try to do so. As you know, the problem of unable to open Excel files has become more frequent after the arrival of the security update.

In this update, changes have been made to the behavior of certain file types in Excel Open mode. For this you need to pay attention to the steps in dealing with the problem so that it is easier to use it.

Below, Okezone has summarized several sources regarding the causes and ways to open Excel that cannot be changed.

-Excel causes that cannot be changed

Excel cannot be modified is surely due to various issues that its users are unaware of. Here are some problems that are often encountered:

1. The version of Excel used is different

2. The Excel file is used by other people

3. The user does not have access to the Excel file

4. There is a different file format, so it is not compatible with the Excel version you are accessing

5. A crash occurs causing the Excel file to freeze.

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-How to open Excel that cannot be edited

From these various causes, there are various ways to be able to access Excel that cannot be opened, follow the complete method below:

1. Open with Trust Center

If the user does not find the unlock button when opening the Excel file, use it with the trust center as follows:

Open a file that cannot be edited

Click on the File menu in the upper left and click on “Options;

Look for a menu called “Trust Center” located at the bottom left

Click the menu and make changes on the left

When the Trust Center is open, click the “Protected View” menu.

Uncheck all options like:

Enable protected viewing for files from the Internet

Enable Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations

Enable Protected View for Outlook attachments

If so, press the OK button below

2. Open via Properties

The second way to open an Excel file that cannot be edited is to use properties. Here is the full review:

Search and find the Excel file that cannot be changed

Right-click and select the “Properties” menu.

You see at the bottom right there is an unlock menu, click it

Now you can automatically edit your Excel file

3. Enable editing permission in Excel cell

The third way to open an Excel file that cannot be opened is with the edit permission in the Excel cell. In order to use it correctly, look for the Allow editing function directly in the cells to be disabled. That’s how:

Open a non-editable Excel file

Click the File menu at the top and select the “Options” menu.

Then click on the “Advanced” menu and look for the “Editing options” menu.

Select and check the Allow editing directly in cells option

Save your changes by pressing the OK button.


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