This innovative tool made by ITS students can monitor and filter the air

TIME.CO, Jakarta – In the midst of an intense discussion on air pollution in various Indonesian cities, students from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology o HIS introducing innovative air sensing devices. This instrument, created by a student of the Department of Instrumentation Engineering, Professional Faculty of the ITS, Muhammad Zanuar, is able to monitor and filter the air with sophisticated sensors to “fight” pollution thus reducing health risks.

“This air detector was developed as a form of service to my village in the industrial zone, Manyar district, Gresik regency, because it has quite high pollution levels,” said Zanuar, quoted by the ITS website, Wednesday, September 13 2023.

Zanuar also invited nine of his friends to build an instrument that can monitor and filter the air to “fight” pollution.

How the tool works

Zanuar explained that this instrument can detect the concentration of particles and gases contained in the air when it is turned on through its sensor. It is then processed by the control tool, displayed via display and uploaded to the website’s cloud.

“When the indoor air particle concentration reading is high, air filtration will be active,” Zanuar said.

Filtration is the process of filtering the air from harmful particles. Because, according to Zanuar, stale air, for example from gas emissions through chimneys into the air, can cause high levels of upper respiratory tract infections (ARI).

“It would be a shame if there were no measurement tools and firm policies from the government to address environmental and health issues,” Zanuar said.


Zanuar said that in Manyar district, the Air Pollution Standard Index (ISPU) index table is 144 or is classified as unhealthy. The reference according to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), is the low category with a range of values ​​1-50, moderate value 51-100, unhealthy value 101-200, very unhealthy value 201-300 and dangerous value 300 and above.

According to Zanuar, air conditions can change at any time, so preventive measures will be recommended when using the application. “By adjusting the value of the air concentration, it will be recommended not to carry out outdoor activities and to wear a mask when leaving the house,” she said.

Zanuar explained that the prototype of this air quality monitoring device was contested several times and won. Events we participate in include the Student Creativity Program (PKM), the Gresik Innovation and Workshop Festival (Ginofest) and the Gresik Regency Pioneer Youth.

To optimize the use of this tool, Zanuar and his team collaborated with youth organizations and local residents to create awareness about environmental protection. “This is done through various environmental activities that can be carried out in the management of air pollution, including policy regulations, instrumentation innovation, environmental education and awareness, as well as the planting of trees that produce a positive response in the eyes of policy makers in responding to these actions,” he said.

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