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PARIS – A Camptosaurus dinosaur skeleton will reportedly go up for auction in Paris next month. Dinosaur known as Barry is known to have originated in the late Jurassic period approximately 150 million years ago.

Reporting from Reuters, Wednesday (20/9/2023), the skeleton was first discovered in the 1990s in the state of Wyoming, United States. Barry James, a paleontologist, then performed the first restoration of the skeleton, which eventually became the origin of the dinosaur’s name “Barry”.

Further restoration was then carried out by the Italian Zolic Laboratory, which acquired Barry last year. The dinosaur skeleton, 2.10 meters high and 5 meters long, is even considered a very well preserved specimen.

“It is a very well-preserved and rather rare specimen,” said Alexandre Giquello, of the Parisian auction house Hotel Drouot, where the sale will take place.

Besides that, Alexandre also mentioned the degree of completeness of the integration of the framework, which reached around 90%. According to him this is good news, considering that dinosaur specimens on the art market are still rare, even only a few times a year in the world.

“For example, the skull is 90% complete and the remains (skeleton) of the dinosaur are 80% complete,” he said further.

Meanwhile, Barry’s chassis is expected to be shown to the public soon before going on sale in mid-October. It is estimated that the chassis will be sold at a price of around 1.2 million euros or around IDR 19.7 billion. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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