This boy finds fish like piranhas that have teeth like humans: Okezone techno

ONE a boy catches a strange fish that looks like a piranha except that it has rows of human-like teeth. Unlike sharp-toothed piranhas, the fish found here have blunt teeth.

Charlie Clinton caught an exotic fish known as a pacu in a pond near his home last weekend. A Facebook post from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) claims that Pacu is the name given to several species of fish in the family Serrasalmidae.

They are native to South America and are closely related to piranhas, with a similar body shape to their razor-toothed cousins. Pacus enter freshwater ecosystems, but circulate in lakes or rivers due to keeper behavior.

Pacus are often kept as ornamental fish. However, many unscrupulous people release them into nearby ponds and rivers when they outgrow their aquarium.

Flipping to Live Science, the species found is Pacu Clinton, this type of fish is known to grow to a length of about 3.5 feet or about 1 meter and weigh up to 88 pounds or 40 kilograms.

Although it looks like a piranha, pacu is not dangerous to humans. Their flat, human-like teeth are most likely the result of their diverse omnivorous diet, which includes small fish, hard-shelled crustaceans, and fruits and nuts from freshwater plants, according to the American Museum of Natural History (AMHN ).

AMHN says dung also helps fertilize freshwater plants and disperse their seeds, making them keystone species in their native ecosystems. However, like most other invasive species, dewclaws can negatively impact ecosystems into which they are introduced.

“The practice of dumping unwanted pets into waterways can be extremely damaging to native wildlife,” wrote an ODWC representative in a Facebook post.

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“They are an alien and invasive species that can harm our local ecosystems. As a result, people who find them are encouraged to remove them from rivers and ponds whenever possible,” the question added.

In 2018, Kennedy Smith, then age 11, caught a spur in an Oklahoma lake that weighed about 1 pound (0.5 kg). The fish even bit his grandmother’s finger when they tried to get him off the hook, though human bites did little damage.

“I was confused because I knew fish with teeth weren’t normal. It was weird. They were just like humans and that made it even weirder,” Smith told USA Today.

Pacus aren’t the only fish with human-like teeth to appear in U.S. waters. In 2021, a lamb’s head (Archosargus probatocephalus) with a much larger school of pearly whites was caught off a dock on the North Carolina coast.

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