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JAKARTA – The news aggregation app Artifact now allows users to find recommended places such as restaurants, bars, shops or other places.

The platform now wants to be a place to find all kinds of interesting links, not just the latest headlines.

After introducing a way to share organic posts and any links through its service last month, the AI-powered app is also adding a way to share favorite places like restaurants, bars, shops, or other places that users want to recommend to friends .

This addition changes the features of the news application, which is rapidly transforming into a search engine for the broader web, the Techcrunch website reported Friday (10/20/2023).

With this addition, Artifact users can further establish themselves as curators who can build relationships with users of the application by sharing tips, thoughts and interesting places.


Place sharing features are now part of the publishing experience on Artifact, allowing users to press the “+” icon to publish their titles, text and images.

When it launched, Artifact’s suggested posts shared things like restaurant reviews, how-to guides, family recipes, app details, design inspiration, and more.

This addition makes this application even closer to application X because it is now a place for organic content, with or without links. While

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AI plays a bigger role within Artifact, powering its recommendation engine which is used to rewrite clickbait headlines and summarize news articles to give readers a general idea of ​​what a particular article is about .

This raises the question: does this application aim to be a competitor to X? “There is a nuance. However, this application did not achieve this goal.” Artifact co-founder Mike Krieger said.


In the months following its public launch in February 2023, Artifact quickly rolled out new features, including user profiles, commenting, link sharing, posting, and more.

Over the past month, Artifact has seen about 400,000 mobile app downloads, market intelligence provider forecast.

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