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TWO Gamer friends! Think fast and win the game in Domino Jungle game on Games+!

The newest online domino game on Games+ i.e. Domino Jungle is an adaptation of the famous domino game, you know, but now it’s modified with a simpler and more visually appealing version for all ages.

In this game you will be presented with cute and adorable domino cards, you know. You just have to put the card you have that is equal to the animal picture of your opponent’s domino.

To start the game, you just need to place your domino tile in the center of the gadget screen and your opponent will immediately start to continue the game. You just have to follow the flow of the game according to the picture on the dominoes.

Play this game now by opening the Vision+ application on your gadget and clicking Games+ in the Vision+ application, then selecting the Domino Jungle game to be able to play dominoes easily!

Don’t forget to first download the Vision+ application on the App Store, Play Store or first click on the following link You can also watch soap operas, movies and other exciting entertainment features only on Vision+.

Up to now, Gamesplus (Games+) has hundreds of games that can be played on the Visionplus application. Gamesplus (Games+) is part of PT. Esports Star Indonesia (ESI), which is a subsidiary of MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk (MSIN).

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