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BANDUNG- Interesting and viral content is a content creator’s dream. However, to create all this, it turns out that you didn’t rely on luck alone.

This is what TikToker Lystia Novilda said. According to him, the main requirement for creating content on social media is to never be afraid to create something. So he always tries to create content as quickly as possible when he finds new ideas.

Lystia shared these tips at the Join The Flip Side Trip event in Bandung on Tuesday (9/5/2023). The beautiful virgin also said that she should always behave as she is in every content she creates.

“To create content, don’t be afraid to try. Don’t worry about what others say because it’s only in your head. And if you come up with an idea, write it down right away, or better yet, execute it right away,” Listia said.

“I never thought about video hooks, I never thought about going viral. The important thing is to make an interesting video first, then at a certain point in the video there will definitely be something unique, then pin it to become a video video hook” , has continued.

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The same thing was also broadcast by YouTuber Raymond Chin. He said the video can get a lot of viewers and the public response is to create an interesting and controversial “bait” idea.

This is done to “feed” the algorithm what it needs to go viral. Beyond that, you also need to be consistent in creating content and never give up on trying to present it in the most interesting way possible.

“There is controversy to provoke a public response. I have a principle, a little more different is better than a little better because we actually lack people who can bring a different perspective,” Raymond said.

“Then be consistent. I was happy for 6 months and no one watched it, but one day there was a piece of content that immediately skyrocketed it. The question is who is strong enough to watch a piece of content for 6 months and no one watches it he looked, so that’s what you have to stick to,” he concluded.

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