These are 5 useful gadgets in hot weather, number 1 only IDR 50 thousand: Okezone Techno

JAKARTA – Heat which has affected many countries around the world has hindered most activities, especially outdoors. This cannot be separated from the numerous negative effects that lurk.

Someone who is exposed to heat is susceptible to dehydration. Not only that, exposure to direct sunlight can also harm your skin health. Therefore, drinking enough water and using sunscreen are must-haves in hot weather.

However, did you know that some of the gadgets currently available can also be used to deal with the hot season? Here are five gadgets which is helpful in hot weather along with full explanations.

5. Cold helmet

In addition to safety, helmets can protect from the sun’s heat, especially for outdoor workers. However, the extremely hot weather that has been occurring recently means that helmets alone are not enough to reduce excessive heat.

To overcome this problem, Japan innovated by creating a safety helmet equipped with a mini fan at the bottom of the neck. This removable fan is capable of circulating air around the wearer’s head.

4. Smart watch

Finally, a smartwatch can be a useful item in hot weather thanks to the various features it is equipped with. Japan is the country that developed a heat-warning smartwatch with a feature that automatically beeps when the wearer’s temperature rises above normal limits.

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3. Fan vest

It seems strange, but this product really exists. This vest is equipped with a fan and is able to release air around the wearer’s body. Other than that, the shape of the vest isn’t much different from vests in general, making this product suitable for anyone.

2. Portable refrigerator

There is no denying, the current heat makes cool and cold drinks sought after by all to keep the body hydrated. To maintain the freshness of drinks, a portable refrigerator can be a very useful item. As the name suggests, the portable refrigerator is designed in mini size, convenient for traveling in hot weather.

1. Portable fan

A popular product that is useful in hot weather is a portable fan. In addition to having the function of producing a refreshing breeze, this fan can be easily charged via USB or power bank.

Its small size makes this fan also suitable for traveling outdoors. Even in e-commerce this product can be found at prices ranging from 50-200 thousand IDR.

These are five innovative technologies useful when it’s hot. Remember that the tools above actually only reduce excess heat. If it is not too critical, it would be better to reduce activities outside the home to avoid the recent risky hot weather. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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