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WASHINGTON- Nine scientists and philosophers agreed to propose a new law of nature to expand the theory of evolution. This law also includes and develops the theory of biological evolution introduced by Charles Darwin in 1859.

Reported by the site ReutersTuesday (10/17/2023) Through this new law of nature, these scientists have introduced the theory that complex natural systems have developed into a state with greater pattern, diversity and complexity.

“We view evolution as a universal process that applies to many systems, both living and nonliving, whose diversity and patterns increase over time,” said Carnegie Institution for Science mineralogist and astrobiologist Robert Hazen.

Furthermore, this research titled “Law of Increasing Functional Information” explains interactions such as atoms or cells of developing systems, both biological and non-biological, which are made up of various building blocks that will produce many different configurations. Evolution then occurs as these various configurations are subject to selection for useful functions.

“We imagine a system of atoms or molecules that can exist in trillions of different arrangements or configurations,” Hazen said.

“Only a small fraction of all possible configurations will be ‘functional,’ that is, have some level of useful function. So, nature prefers those functional configurations,” he continued.

In explaining the concept of evolution, scientists propose three universal concepts of selection consisting of the basic ability to survive, the enduring nature of active processes, and the emergence of new traits as a form of adaptation to the environment.

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Some biological examples of this “new generation” include organisms that have developed the ability to swim, walk, fly, and think. Furthermore, Darwin’s theory of evolution about the human species emerging after diverging from the chimpanzee lineage also demonstrates broader evolution through the existence of a number of new characteristics, including upright walking and increased size of the brain.

On the other hand, the formulation of proposals for new natural laws that also expand the theory of evolution has received various consensus, including from astronomers. This refers to predictions of alien systems that refer to the possibility of life outside of earth.

“The importance of formulating such laws is that they provide a new perspective on why the different systems that make up the cosmos evolved as they did, and allow predictions about how unfamiliar systems – such as the organic chemistry on Saturn’s moon Titan – they evolved over time,” said co-authors Jonathan Lunine, chair of the astronomy department at Cornell University. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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