The West Java Regional Police examined 68 witnesses in the Vina Cirebon murder case

Bandung (MidLand) – West Java Regional Police (Polda) said they examined 68 witnesses regarding the murder case of Vina and Muhammad Rizky or Eky in Cirebon, after almost eight years the case had not been completely solved.

Head of Public Relations (Kabidhumas) West Java Regional Police, Pol Commissioner Jules Abraham Abasti said dozens of witnesses were examined, from interrogation for their statements to carrying out forensic psychological tests.

“So far, investigators from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the West Java Regional Police (Ditreskrimum) have examined around 68 witnesses and asked for help from several experts,” Jules said in a statement received in Bandung on Tuesday.

Jules revealed that the West Java Regional Police currently carried out a forensic psychological test on Pegi Setiawan, the main perpetrator of the Vina and Eky murder case.

He added that the examination was carried out at the request of the Ditreskrimum of the West Java Regional Police to complete the investigation of the case.

“We at the West Java Regional Police hope that the forensic psychological examination will shed more light on the criminal incident that occurred and complete the ongoing investigation process,” he said.

He said a forensic psychological examination was carried out not only on suspect Pegi, but also on several witnesses, including Pegi’s family.

To ensure forensic psychological examination methods, he said, the West Java Regional Police involved external parties who were supposed to provide strong guidance in handling the case.

«Naturally the forensic psychological examination will develop according to needs. “In the future there will be more or less three witnesses for whom we will carry out forensic psychological assessments,” Jules said.

Jules further stated that the investigation process was conducted in a professional manner and assured that the case would be disclosed in a transparent manner.

“Currently there are Kompolnas and Komnas HAM who are monitoring the ongoing investigative process,” he said.

Apart from that, he also asked the public to refrain from untrue information. This is a step to respect the families of the victims in this case.

“We ask for prayers that the handling of this case will be completed soon. We say that together we will protect and respect the families of the victims for the trauma they have experienced so that the incident can be complete and clear,” Jules said.

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