The Sumatran tiger appears in the village, BBKSDA Riau: in its natural habitat

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The Center for Conservation and Natural Resources or BBKSDA in Riau province installed camera traps because their appearance had been reported Sumatran tiger at kilometer 14 in the village of Doral, Pusako district, Siak regency, at the headquarters of an industrial forestry plantation (HTI) company.

“Regarding the appearance of the Sumatran tiger, action has been taken by setting up a camera trap,” BB KSDA Riau head Genman Hasibuan said on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

He said the appearance of the tiger at km 14 was believed to be due to local cattle grazing and roaming within the HTI concession. According to the data, there was actually a cow preyed upon by the tiger in that place.

Initially BB KSDA received a report from PT Arara Abadi company along with video footage of the tiger. Subsequently, the Siak Resort team coordinated with the corporate security guard who was on duty to ask about the video.

“It is true that a tiger was seen in the HTI concession area at km 14 of that area, so it is known that the tiger is still in its natural habitat and is still found in the same area as the Emerald National Park area “, he said .

Due to these conditions, BB KSDA Riau has launched an appeal to workers and local communities to be careful in their activities. Especially when Sumatran tigers are active, i.e. from afternoon to morning and it is also advisable not to carry out activities alone.


The appearance of tigers in Siak reported several times in numerous subdistricts. Some even arrived in the Siak district capital, Siak Sri Inderapura, earlier this year.

There is one dead person who was allegedly attacked by the tiger, but the striped man has not been found so far. The last appearance of a tiger was reported in July 2023 in Bungaraya district.

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