The struggle of Kartika, the son of a porridge maker who wins a KIP scholarship to study at FK Unair

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The family’s financial limitations have not defeated Kartika Devina Putri’s determination to achieve her goals. The son of a Palembang green bean porridge seller successfully passed the medical school of the University of Airlanggaunair) through national performance-based screening or SNBP. Kartika received a College Smart Indonesia Card (KIP) scholarship to be able to study for free.

“A doctor has been my dream since I was born, but I am aware that financially my family is not secure. That’s why I study more every day,” said Kartika as quoted by the Unair website on Saturday, August 19, 2023.

Every time he sees his father working, Kartika gets more and more excited to pursue his dreams. Before dawn, Kartika’s father had left to sell green bean porridge and returned in the evening.

Kartika said many people mocked her because she had a “high” dream of becoming a doctor. “Many say that even with a scholarship it is impossible. But I will not give up, if necessary I will study while working until my education is complete,” she said.

Despite financial constraints, Kartika’s family makes education a major investment. Since she was in elementary school or elementary school, Kartika has always been an outstanding student and has often received scholarships.


“Even though my father only graduated from STM, he always stressed that education is a long investment,” she explained.

Not only being an outstanding student, Kartika is also active in participating in organizational activities. Kartika is the president of a number of organizations such as Green Generation and Gen Smart Indonesia. You have also achieved international results. “Alhamdulillah, Kartika has also taken part in several competitions and one of them won the best crop education award from the Asia Education speaker team of the University of Melbourne,” she said.

Kartika hopes that her studies go smoothly and that she can soon fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. “My dream in the future is to become an outstanding student. I will take advantage of every opportunity to exchange students abroad to implement the knowledge I have acquired in Unair,” she said.

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