The story of the youngest graduate of Universitas Brawijaya, who graduated at the age of 20

TIME.CO, JakartaUniversity of Brawijaya or UB received their Period I degree on Saturday, August 26, 2023. One of the graduates who graduated last Saturday was Fairuz Sarah Kamila who was declared the youngest graduate.

Fairuz graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and graduated from the University of Brawijaya with a GPA of 3.58 at the age of 20.

This student from Bangkalan, Madura successfully graduated after defending her thesis entitled “Antitumor effect of Sembung legi (Blumea balsamifera L.) leaf ethanol extract on T47D breast cancer cells in vitro”.

“The research I did was in the exploration of anticancer herbal plants by treating cancer cell cultures with herbal plants. I hope this research can become a landmark in cancer treatment in the future,” Fairuz said as quoted by the official website of the Universitas Brawijaya.

The experience of conducting research was Fairuz’s most memorable college experience. Although he was tiring, he was able to improve his skills in the laboratory and increase his contacts and knowledge of him.

“Although tiring, but I can improve ability lab and gained many relationships and knowledge from faculty and elders,” said the second son of two brothers.


Fairuz said she participated in an accelerated program in high school and also shared ways she did so she could graduate on time. For example, she maintains motivation to learn, maintains a GPA above three so as to obtain the maximum number of credits, and begins laboratory research and dissertation in semester 6.

He also said that he didn’t forget to keep the cult. Fairuz is currently doing research with faculty, as well as continuing her Masters studies at UB.

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