The story of the start of the fire on Teletubbies Hill in Bromo, the newlyweds allegedly paid IDR 7.5 million for photo shoots

TIME.CO, Malang – Probolinggo police were unable to confirm the other suspects in the case forest fires and land on Mt Bromine. So far the police have only named Andrie Wibowo Eka Wardhana as a suspect. Meanwhile, five other people have the status of witnesses.

Since Wednesday, September 6, 2023, a serious fire has occurred in the Mount Bromo tourist area and until now the fire has not been completely extinguished. Time received the latest information that the fire was still burning in Keciri block and was continuing towards Mount Kalau in the area of ​​Jabung district, Malang regency.

Andrie, 41, is the wedding party planner and also the session manager photoshoot pre-wedding or premarital turning on the flare or glow causing a fire in the Bukit Teletubbies grassland or savannah on Wednesday 6 September 2023.

“Currently investigators are still conducting thorough investigations such that the five witnesses are still required to appear. “In addition to this, we are also coordinating with criminal experts and the prosecutor’s office to determine the status of the five,” the Deputy Chief Commissioner of Probolinggo Police (AKBP) Wisnu Wardana, Tuesday 12 September 2023.

Smoke from the fire continued to rise into the sky until it filled the area of ​​Jemplang Block and Plentongan Block. As a result, visibility becomes very limited and makes breathing difficult. TIME/Abdi Purmono

The Teletubbies savannah caught fire on Saturday 1 September 2018. Approximately 70 hectares of savannah and bushes were burned. The fire at that time is suspected to have been caused by human action. The cause was the same as the fire on Wednesday 6 September 2023, namely the use of a chimney or glow during a pre-wedding photo shoot or premarital near the Teletubbies Hill sign.

However, the alleged perpetrator of the early September 2018 fire has not been identified. Meanwhile, the alleged perpetrator of the September 6 fire was arrested and deemed suspicious, and the burned area was larger than that burned four years ago.

The area burned from the Teletubbies savannah to the forests around Mount Bromo in the period from 6 to 10 September is estimated to have reached 750-800 hectares. that information Time obtain it from the provincial government of East Java and agencies involved in controlling forest and land fires on Mount Arjuna and Mount Bromo. Meanwhile, the report received by the governor of East Java from Raden Intan 6 (TNBTS central office address) was only 500 hectares.

In the meantime, Time received stories from Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) officials and members of the Fire Care Community about the origin of the fire when they helped put out the blaze on Sunday 10 September.

Initially, on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, Andrie and five people, including two potential grooms, left Surabaya for Mount Bromo via the Tumpang route. A prospective bride and groom, namely HP, aged 39, resident of Kedungdoro Village, Tegalsari District, Surabaya, and PMP, aged 26, resident of Plorok Pakjo Village, Ilir Barat District, Palembang, South Sumatra, have hired the services of Andrie and his friends for IDR 7.5 million. This price is for three shooting locations: the Teletubbies savanna, the Mount Bromo crater area and Mount Penanjakan.

They change cars at service areas or rest Gubugklakah Village, Poncokusumo District. They rented a jeep for IDR 500 thousand. This price is very affordable compared to the usual 900 thousand up to 1 million rupees, depending on the number of locations visited.


At around 10am they arrived at Coban Trisula Post to register. Andrie registered his group as regular visitors. They paid an entrance fee of IDR 29 thousand per person. This is the ticket price on a normal day, aka day off. The ticket price for the weekend is IDR 34 thousand per person.

Indeed, for pre-wedding photography activities it is necessary to obtain an entry permit to the conservation area or Simaksi by online ordering, i.e. online booking and pay IDR 250 thousand excluding the entrance fee.

David, the young driver, did not know that in his jeep there was a lot of shooting equipment and five smoke bombs. David fell asleep in the jeep when his guests started acting out in the Teletubbies’ savannah, so he couldn’t immediately monitor their actions.

Arriving in the Teletubbies’ savannah area, according to the residents’ stories that night, after the equipment was prepared, one of them lit a small fire in the form of a sign of love or Love to give a smoke-like effect smoke gun stage for musical concerts.

The glow is on. Four flares are lit, one is not lit. Extinguished pipes are thrown into grassy areas that have been burned to show love. As a result, an explosion occurred and the fire gradually became stronger. But they continued shooting anyway.

Then about 3-4 drivers from Bromo Jip Community came to them. The drivers scolded them. Andrie denied it or felt innocent because he was used to entering the TNBTS area. Andrie admitted to having done four pre-wedding photoshoots there.

Around 11.30 WIB, a driver named Bowik reported the accident to TNBTS officers. TNBTS officers arrived at the scene as the fire raged.

Andrie and five other people were taken to the Sukapura Sector Police Headquarters in Jalan Raya Bromo, Watuluspang, Sukapura Village/District. They were then transferred to the Probolinggo Police Headquarters which is located in the area of ​​Sukabumi Village, Mayangan District, Probolinggo City.

«Yes, this is the information we know. If the police have clearer and more complete information, yes. They definitely are I“said Jumani, a resident.

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