The story of Sasha, a new student of the Medical School of the University of Airlangga, failed 15 tests

TIME.CO, Jakarta – A freshman medical school Airlangga University or FK Unair, Shakila Putri Ryanda was rejected 15 times before entering Airlangga University in 2023. Shasa was accepted to FK Unair through the independent testing route after facing 15 rejections from various institutions.

Going viral on TikTok due to a video upload chronicling his journey up to that point, Shasa is back to share the story of the unique and memorable journey he went through until he was finally accepted as a student at FK Unair.

“I went through many ups and downs. This process has taught me to fight to the last drop of my blood,” Shasa said, quoted by the Unair website on Wednesday 9 August 2023.

Perseverance and unyielding spirit are the two main things that motivate him to keep fighting. The support and motivation of those closest to him were also the main driving forces in his struggle. Shasa believes that efforts will not betray results and believes that God has a good plan which may not yet be revealed.

Becoming a doctor with the ability to make a great impact on humanity has been Shasa’s childhood dream. For him, that dream is a driving force to keep going and not give up.

“Being accepted at FK UNAIR is the best gift for me because it teaches patience, persistence and sincerity,” he said.

Choose FK Unair

Previously, Shasa who is an alumni of SMAN 28 Jakarta was successfully accepted in another FK. However, after some deliberation, he decided to choose FK Unair.

What caught his attention was FK Unair’s experience and track record of excellent alumni as well as its reputation as one of the best FK in Indonesia. Furthermore, Unair is also one of the oldest campuses in Indonesia.

Furthermore, the Ksatria Airlangga Floating Hospital Ship program at FK Unair brings added value to Shasa. According to him, this program is a platform that allows him to carry out social actions to help people who have difficulty accessing health.

The program was deemed suitable for him, who was inspired by Dr. Lie Dharmawan, founder of the Floating Hospital (RSA).

While awaiting the announcement to get into a State University (PTN), Shasa initially felt pressured for fear of rejection. However, over time, she has learned to accept the results graciously.

“This experience has taught me that what matters is the effort we put in. Accordingly, let God decide,” she said.


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Implement work-life balance

Shasa realized that being a medical student would come with great academic challenges and demands. However, he has a specific strategy for dealing with the pressures of studying and maintaining balance in his life.

“The experience during the selection process has taught me to manage my time wisely,” she said.

He calls his top priority to study, because he sees it as a necessity. However, the business is not just about studying. He uses his free time to play games with friends, share hobbies and other things as a form of self-reward for his hard work.

By applying a work-life balance approach, Shasa feels she is able to reduce the pressure and risk of burnout while studying.

Dreams make a real contribution

After being accepted at FK Unair, Sasha intends to use the opportunity to develop and contribute to the world of medicine and health in the future. He has the ambition to make a real contribution to research and research to improve Indonesian public health services.

Its goal is to raise awareness of mental health in Indonesia. To make this happen, she plans to continue her studies in the field of psychiatry specialists who are top accredited at FK unair. In this way, they can focus on providing more holistic and comprehensive health services.

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