The story of rapper Tuan Tigabelas learning to understand the Sumatran tiger

TIME.CO, JakartaRap singer Muhammad Syaifullah or better known by his stage name Master Thirteen reveals the initial reason he began learning to interpret Sumatran tiger as an important animal to pay attention to.

The story begins after he uses the metaphor of a tiger to represent that he is strong and powerful, like a tiger. However, Upi—her nickname—made this choice without having basic knowledge of Sumatran tigers.

He used the name Mr. Thirteen for many years. “What’s wrong with Sumatran tigers, Pi?” asked a friend. He was silent, unable to respond. From that moment on, Mr. Thirteen began to discover Sumatran tigers. Starting from reading to watching related content.

“And it turns out that what I’ve always known is that tigers are the top predator is 100 percent wrong. The top predator is us humans,” he said in Talk show titled The Role of Multistakeholders in Preserving Wild Animals in Indonesia at the lobby of Sarinah Mall, Saturday, September 9, 2023.

As a son of the land of Sumatra, Mr. Tigabelas feels obliged to do something to help animals with Latin names Panthera tigrisondaica That.

The song titled “Tiger!” Tiger!’ of Bali’s musical group Navicula also encouraged Tuan Tigabelas to start paying more attention to Sumatran tigers. “This is Balinese speak Sumatran tiger, am I Sumatran? What are you doing?. Boats mentrigger I wanted to do something and I finally tried it worry,” he said.

Mr. Tredici is aware of his abilities as a musician. Through his musical works he can play a role in spreading the importance of caring for wild animals which are on the red list of endangered species with critical status. His first album containing 13 songs was released in 2019 with the title “Harimau Soematra”.


With this song and its noble intentions, he admitted that he felt he had done something of great significance. Until finally Mr Tigabelas tried to take part in conservation activities in Rimbang Baling Forest, Kampar Regency, Riau.

“But when I met the rangers in the forest, they were once patrolling you three months, without seeing my family, I realized I hadn’t done anything”, he thought.

The Rimbang Bale Forest experience was an important spiritual experience for Mr. Tigabelas. He started to often spread the enthusiasm he got through social media.

“Coming out of Rimbang Baling Forest, I started to become an MLM agent (multi level marketing) Sumatran tiger. “Meeting friends, I explained the Sumatran tiger this way, because it’s all I have,” Mr. Tigabelas joked.

He discovered real changes after he began engaging in wildlife conservation. “Whenever there is a conflict over Sumatran tigers, I of-mention on Instagram. This is a little proof of that awareness friends start to get sharp. We need to cultivate these things,” she said.

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