The story of Putri getting the best ITS degree with a perfect GPA

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Dyah Putri Nariswari or familiarly called Putri won the title of the best graduate of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) for the undergraduate level at the 128th graduation ceremony HIS. Student The Department of Computer Engineering completed its studies with a cumulative performance index (GPA) of 4.00 or perfect. Putri will graduate on the fourth day, to be precise Sunday 24 September 2023.

Putri began the process of studying at university in 2019. However, Putri admitted that he was behind his friends when starting his studies. Because she doesn’t really understand programming either coding. This is different than most of my friends who have been getting the basic material since high school.

“In the past, my friends could do it working a question coding for an hour, it even took me a whole day to work on the questions,” the girl from Surabaya said, according to the official ITS website.

Another delay that Putri believes concerns being active in activities and achieving results. Not wanting to continue to fall behind, she Putri convinced herself to focus on achieving her goal of studying at ITS.

Putri’s goal is to gain knowledge and gain as much experience as possible. Until she finally, slowly, realized it.

Being successful in academics does not mean that Putri is a passive student in non-academic pursuits. In his first year of college, Putri took part in an internship at one of the to boot called Rindang, founded by ITS students. This experience later became an important first step in Putri’s journey, even though she initially felt she didn’t have much ability.

“At that time I had no experience and friends there (to boot) helped me develop and learn many things,” Putri said.

Putri subsequently took part in internship programs in three other places. In 2021 you interned as Data analyst in Livestock Money and apprentice as Software development engineer on Tokopedia in 2022.

Also in 2022, Putri will do an internship as a Risk Assurance Officer at the well-known company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Indonesia. “At first I had no particular intentions of applying for an internship, but the pandemic gave me a lot of time to try many new things,” said the girl born in 2001.

Putri has also obtained an international certification that strengthens his skills through online courses. There is training certification IT security by CISCO e cloud architecture from Amazon Web Services (AWS). “At first I was just interested and wanted to know more IT securityso I took a course at Digitalent Kominfo,” he said.


Putri is also the first-class winner of the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) program at the University of Pisa, Italy. One of the courses she took was Data Mining. She had to adapt during her study period there because the learning model was different compared to when she was at ITS, where they were more focused on practice.

“I have to adapt to different and more theoretical learning methods,” Putri said.

Even though he shines with the brilliance of his achievements, Putri’s path is not just smooth. You have often experienced rejection in various selections. However, she still maintains a positive attitude and realizes that not all opportunities can be seized.

“I try to take advantage of every opportunity that exists. “If I am accepted, I will always try to make maximum contributions to maintain a positive reputation,” Putri said.

For Putri, the learning process is not a competition that boils down to winning and losing. Instead of competing, she prefers to collaborate.

In addition to collaboration, adaptability is an important key for him. “I always encourage my friends to study by establishing social relationships, because studying doesn’t have to be done alone,” Putri said.

Putri said she was grateful to study at ITS, because she had many opportunities to develop. She hopes that the knowledge gained will not be kept just for herself, but will be useful to other people.

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