The story of Haru Jennie, an orphaned girl who won a scholarship to go to America

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Jennie Nabilah was only in fifth grade when her father died. The incident shook the life of her family. The economic backbone of their family is gone. By the time she graduated from elementary school, Jennie could barely continue her education at the middle school level. However, it was unexpected that now Jennie could even try her hand at college America Union.

The economic conditions of Jennie’s family at the death of her father were not good. Jennie threatened to quit school. In the midst of struggling to continue her education into middle school, suddenly her neighbor who works as a teacher tutor comes to her house offering help.

“She told me someone would help me with my tuition until college. I believe any good intention will have a way,” Jennie said as quoted by the Ministry of Religion website on Monday, August 21, 2023.

Jennie was finally able to continue her studies up to university level. He studied diligently until he was finally accepted into Sunan Ampel Islamic State University (UIN) Surabaya and received a scholarship.

Day after day, the learning process on campus took place until he entered the fifth semester. Until June 15, 2023, Jennie has heard about the Ministry of Religion’s MOSMA program. There are scholarship opportunities to study abroad for Islamic Religious Higher Education (PTKI) students.

The MORA Overseas Student Mobility Awards (MOSMA) is one of the implementation programs of the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka. MOSMA offers students opportunities to study at foreign universities for a semester of up to six months.


Through this program, students obtain credits that can be converted into SKS (Semester Credit Units) at their home campus. Jennie didn’t waste this opportunity. Jennie tried to sign up and finally got through.

Jennie hears that she studied a semester at Buffalo State University, USA. She had never imagined studying in America before. “God willing, I will fly to America on August 26, 2023,” she said.

She counseled students who are struggling to achieve their dreams so that they never give up. “For all students, young people and all those who are struggling, believe that you have the opportunity and the right to try to make it happen. Believe that every good intention has a way, because God knows the right way for us,” he ordered .

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