The story of Erra, who earned a bachelor’s degree, dropped out of college and achieved many things

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Erra Fazhira, a graduate of English Language Education from Muhammadiyah University in Surabaya, had to work hard to obtain a degree scholar. With a cum laude GPA of 3.74, this woman, born in Probolinggo on October 1, 1998, dropped out of college due to financial constraints.

After graduating from high school, Erra, who had talent as a model, was determined to go to Jakarta. She wants to build a career there while she studies. In Jakarta, she Erra found a campus that offered her a 50% discount on tuition. However, her parents could not afford the school fees.

“Back then we were still in the first semester, apparently 50% of the 21 million was still a lot and I was just a reckless capital in Jakarta. “Because there are no fees for parents to go to college,” Erra said, quoted from the UM Surabaya website on Monday, October 30, 2023.

Since he had no money, Erra finally returned to his village in Madura. At that time, East Java opened the Raka Raki East Java Tourism Ambassador event. Erra entered the contest and she hoped to win.

“At that time, my goal was that if I could win 1st place, I could get 10 million rupees and the money could be used for college. After a long process, it turned out that I got the 2nd place,” he said.


After participating in Raka Raki, Erra received an offer to join a television station for a program to select talented women. He participated in the selection and was declared passed. Thanks to this program she was able to obtain IDR 48 million. However, the money he originally wanted to use for college was not used because his family’s needs are more pressing.

“After that I tried to look for a campus, after traveling around the campuses in Surabaya I decided to choose UM Surabaya because there were scholarships for influencers there,” he said.

Erra finally entered UM Surabaya on a scholarship. During her time in college, she achieved various achievements such as 1st Place Puteri Muslimah Indonesia 2019, Best Culinary Skill Award of Miss Culinary 2018, 4th Place of Raki (Tourism Ambassador of Raka-Raki Jawa Timir 2018) and first place in the Putri Muslimah Awards East Java 2017, first place in the Indonesian Muslimah Face 2015 and second place in the Putri Jilbab Indonesia 2014

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