The story of Enthus, a graduate of a professional school who after resigning opened his own laboratory, achieving a turnover of millions of rupees

MidLand, Jakarta – Enthusiastic Kiswanto, former students SMK Wisudha Karya Kudus was determined to resign from the laboratory where he worked and start his own laboratory. Enthus, who is an alumnus of the Light Vehicle Engineering (TKR) department, has a dream of building his own workshop. After four years of working at a well-known laboratory in Kudus, he was finally able to realize his dream.

Enthus’ dream began to have hope when he took part in the 2022 Entrepreneurial Skills Education (PKW) program held at the Nissan Fortuna Course and Training Institute (LKP). He wants to gain experience in the automotive world.

“After graduating from vocational school I worked in a garage. “But I want to expand my knowledge in the field of automotive engineering and, coincidentally, there is a free PKW program,” Enthus said Monday, November 20, 2023, as quoted by the professional website of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and of Technology.

The automotive world is nothing new for Enthus. His skills in this world allowed him to work immediately after graduating from vocational school.

Enthus’ dream of starting his own workshop began to come true after joining the PKW program. Learning from experience and getting comprehensive material on entrepreneurship is one of the features of Enthus.

For an entire month he received material and exercises on car maintenance, oil and tire changes and how to manage the workshop’s finances. Besides that, after completing the learning, she also received business capital for various workshop equipment.

“I have tools, such as a compressor, a stand, a 3.5 ton jack, a 2 ton jack, a scan and many more. “The PKW program at LKP Nissan Fortuna really prepared me to become an entrepreneur,” Enthus said.

Enthus has opened a laboratory near his home a year ago and is never short of visitors. Also in his village there are very few car repair shops. In a day he can repair 2-5 cars, the most frequent services are brake and engine services. Although his turnover is uncertain, he earns on average IDR 4-6 million per month. His income was different when he was still working in someone else’s laboratory.


“Of course there is pride in being able to earn income from personal business. “Alhamdulillah, it can help the lives of parents too,” Enthus said.

Enthusiastically, he believes that the professional training he attended at the vocational school and continued at LKP has allowed him to further improve his skills in the automotive sector. “I am very proud of being a vocational person. Even though my business is still in its infancy, I am confident that the laboratory I have built can continue to grow.”

He also expressed his gratitude to LKP Nissan Fortuna for providing him with this valuable opportunity. Syairman, as the leader of LKP Nissan Fortuna, said that LKP, founded in 1991, also provides reliable mechanics.

Syairman advises, “What I always instill in students to become successful entrepreneurs is that we must be friendly, honest, disciplined and responsible. Besides that, we must always innovate and update technological developments.”

LKP Nissan Fortuna is often the organizer of the PKW program since 2019. The PKW program is a priority program of the General Directorate of Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) through the Directorate of Courses and training. This free program aims to improve the proficiency of Indonesian human resources so that they can start businesses in their field.

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