The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 is scheduled to be released in October

TIME.CO, Jakarta – After two years it launched its first bluetooth tracker, i.e Galaxy SmartTags In 2021, Samsung is currently working on its second generation which will reportedly launch soon this year. The latest leak reveals the possible launch schedule of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2.

According to the quoted retailer MobileFun UK Gadgets now, SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag 2 will be launched in October this year. This device has received NBTC and FCC certifications, so Samsung is just waiting for the right time to launch this device in the market.

The UK-based retailer also revealed that the Galaxy SmartTag 2 will be available in two color options, namely black and white.

The Galaxy SmartTag 2 is also said to come with support for ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity. Additionally, this device is said to be compatible with Google’s Find My Device feature, which is supported by all Android phones.


Gather Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Galaxy SmartTag 2’s display features a significant redesign. The device, which has the model number EI-T5600, features an overall cylindrical shape accented by a circular ring at the top and a printed “Galaxy SmartTag” label at the bottom.

Unlike the previous square design, this updated version adopts an oval shape and larger earring holes creating a different look. Connectivity options are called includes Bluetooth LC and UWB.

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