The Rector of Unimed is proud of the addition of 19 professors to his campus, considered an extraordinary achievement

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Medan State University rector or Unimed professor Doktor Baharuddin, M.Pd, said that Unimed has added 19 professors or teacher This is an extraordinary achievement, we are proud because this addition is a historic achievement for this state university.

In the period January-September 2023 the number of Unimed Professors increased by 35 people, so much so that there are currently 102 Unimed Professors.

“Congratulating the faculty members who have succeeded in reaching the highest functional position i.e. professor/professor,” said Professor Baharuddin, in a statement received in Medan, Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

Baharuddin said that the leadership and the entire community feel happy and proud of the achievements of the teachers in becoming professors.

The appointment of a professor is an important milestone in the world of higher education and demonstrates Unimed’s commitment to research and scientific development.

“This achievement is something that should be appreciated. The appointment of professors usually requires rigorous evaluation and evaluation of the qualifications, experience and academic contributions of future professors,” he said.

He said that the numerous faculty members who have succeeded in becoming professors demonstrate that Unimed has a high-quality academic team and is committed to improving the quality of education and research at Unimed.

This demonstrates Unimed’s commitment to developing its academic staff and improving the quality of higher education. “With 19 professors, Unimed has the potential to develop high-quality academic and research programmes, which in turn can enhance the university’s reputation and provide greater benefits to students and society,” Professor Baharuddin said.

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The Chancellor hopes that professors will have a positive impact on education

The Chancellor of Unimed hopes that this achievement will have a positive impact on Unimed’s education and research and provide greater benefits for society and that the acquisition of these 19 professors will accelerate Unimed to become a PTN BH and a World Class University.

Meanwhile, Unimed Senate President Prof Dr Syawal Gultom, MPd congratulated 19 Unimed faculty members for the position of professor/professor attained during June-August 2023.

In the period January-September 2023, Unimed hired 35 teachers who obtained professorships. “The acquisition of 19 professors is the highest of 2023 and is a source of pride for the Unimed academic community. This demonstrates that the university has productive and high-quality faculties, departments and study programs in terms of research and contributions academics,” he said.

Prof. Syawal said that professor is the highest academic position in University and are expected to become leaders in the development of science and education.

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