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JAKARTA-The reason why it doesn’t exist iPhones 9 is definitely interesting, especially for fans of this mobile phone.

iPhone users are surely familiar with naming iPhone serial numbers using numbers.


For this reason, obviously many are curious as to why there is no later 9 and 10 series between iPhone 8 and iPhone 11?

Reported by various sources, Tuesday (10/17/2023), the following are the reasons why there is no iPhone 9.

It is known that Apple management has a very mature sales strategy by moving to the iPhone 9 series. Because Apple also replaced the iPhone 10 with the use of the famous Roman numerals, i.e. the iPhone

It must be admitted that there is an innovation brought forward by Apple creating a sensational leap in the iPhone series. So consumers can see the difference between the pre- and post-iPhone versions

A very significant difference occurs in the Home button. iPhone Apart from this, there is Face ID which is a new security feature on the iPhone

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Another important reason for Apple management to not use the iPhone 9 series and release the iPhone

However, Apple also has a history of expanding its product series, such as when it launched the iPhone 3G which bypassed the iPhone 2. Apart from this, there is also the iPhone SE series which is said to be the budget version of the iPhone.

Even the world of digital technology recognizes that the iPhone X series marked a revolution in the world of mobile phones. The iPhone X generation was also followed by the withdrawal from the market of all previous series.

So now iPhone users can only choose whether to buy the iPhone X series and later or the budget version of the iPhone, SE2.

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