The reason why the Pingai bird is called the church bird

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Sparrows are known as the most numerous bird species in the world. Reporting from New scientist, there are approximately 50 billion birds in the world. Most of that number is dominated by just four types of birds, and only four species have populations reaching the billions. One of them is house sparrows or type I will pass (house sparrow).

Reported from the book Encyclopedia of world fauna by Shafa Faizah, In Indonesia the sparrow is also called the pingai bird. It is called a sparrow because this bird only seeks tall buildings as a place to live. In ancient times there were not many skyscrapers yet, only a few including churches, so at first glance the birds were similar I will pass This one is perched in the church.

So, this pingai bird lives a lot or just stops on the roof and ceiling of the church. It is easier for the general public to call it a sparrow than the lesser-known pingai bird. Also, reported by hewanpedia.comthe pingai bird does not have the ability to fly high, for him the height of the church is already very high so it is convenient to choose a stop above the church.

Quoting from, sparrow populations are spread very widely across the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Its dimensions are small, like a sparrow. The average pingai bird measures 10-15 cm, with an average weight of 24 grams. Pingai birds live in colonies in search of food and habitat. Unfortunately, most of these birds are short-lived and only live a maximum of 3 years.

Pingai birds are also easy to adapt and are used to living side by side with humans. Even when they are close to humans, sparrows are not stressed. It is known that sparrows often chirp like a song to communicate with each other.

In addition to being able to live near humans, sparrows are also known to live in forest areas, rice fields and near villages. Known as omnivores, sparrows are known to enjoy eating insects, fruit, seeds and numerous types of flowers. Suspected of having a short temper monogamy or faithful to a partner, house sparrows are known to be able to swim and to be reliable fliers in the face of danger.


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