The new features of WhatsApp will be able to send messages to other applications

TIME.CO, JakartaWhatsapp is currently developing an instant messaging application that users can send messages to application other. The plan was leaked via X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, September 11, 2023.

“WhatsApp is working to comply with new EU regulations by developing support for chat interoperability, and this will be available in a future app update!” she wrote the WABetaInfo account.

WhatsApp has launched the new update via the Google Play Beta program, bringing the version to This development was made by WhatsApp in an effort to comply with new European Union regulations by developing support for third-party chats or chat interoperability.

Recently, the European Union agreed Digital Markets Act (DMA). This means that it will impose rules on large technology companies, meaning that they will have to offer their users the ability to communicate with each other using different applications.

WhatsApp is one of the companies that will be required to comply with the new regulations. The reason is that WhatsApp falls within the criteria established by the DMA. WhatsApp is considered a service doorman because it is a large technology platform with a large user base.


The presence of this interoperability will allow other people to contact WhatsApp users, even if they do not have a WhatsApp account. While it can improve communication using different messaging applications and help small applications compete in the messaging application industry, WhatsApp itself believes that important considerations regarding encryption are needed. from one end to the other when receiving messages from users who do not use WhatsApp.

Since this feature is still in the early stages of development, WhatsApp has stated that encryption from one end to the other must be maintained in the messaging system. WhatsApp has 6 months to align its app with the new European regulations for the provision of interoperability services in the European Union. At the moment it is not certain whether this functionality will also be extended to countries outside the European Union.

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