The National Museum ensures that collections repatriated from the Netherlands are not damaged by fire

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Situation in National Museum Indonesia (MNI) experienced fire on Saturday 16 September 2023 was under control thanks to the prompt intervention of the firefighters, the police and other entities Museum Alone.

“Thanks to the rapid response of all parties we managed to secure the affected collections and historical objects,” the National Museum said.

Museum management said it will continue to intensively measure impacts and plan follow-up. The affected area at the rear of Building A is not extensive, so the safety of the other rooms of Building A, Building B and Building C and their contents is guaranteed.

It was also confirmed that the collection repatriated from the Netherlands was also not affected as it was stored in a location away from the center of the fire.

The main priority for MNI and the Cultural Heritage Museums Public Service Agency (BLU MCB) at this time is to identify and repair the affected museum halls and ensure the safety of historical objects.

BLU MCB has formed a special team to follow up on the matter. As a further precaution, to ensure the safety and security of visitors, the Museum will remain temporarily closed until further notice.


“Visitors who ordered tickets are asked to wait for official information on further policies,” the statement read.

The Fire Command Center said the fire was declared out on Sunday, September 17, 2023, at 00:15 WIB.

To extinguish the fire, 14 firefighting units were brought in with 56 people carrying out their safety duties, consisting of 12 units from central Jakarta and 2 units from the official office. Until now, the firefighters’ temporary suspicion was that it all started with an electrical short circuit.

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