The Monte Ciremai forest fire is estimated to have an area of ​​102 hectares

TIME.CO, Brass – Reports of the Monte Ciremai National Park Office (TNGC). forest fires that affected the area Mount Ciremai in Pasawahan District, Kuningan Regency, West Java, is estimated to reach 102 hectares and currently fire has been checked successfully.

“We are just trying to calculate the area of ​​the fire that we can put out using our methodological techniques. It is estimated to be 102 hectares,” said TNGC Center head Maman Surahman quoted by Antara on Saturday, August 26. , 2023.

He said the forest fire occurred in the area of ​​Padabeunghar village and burned areas of plantations in the forest. “Several hotspots are under surveillance,” she said.

After the fire was reported on Friday afternoon, several officers intervened, until the fire was extinguished and no longer spread to other forest areas. Now there is only one site of the fire and the extinguishing operations are still in progress.

“Especially yesterday in three big blocks. We use a grid system, the size is 100 x 100 meters, so we can easily map it and estimate the area,” he said. You appreciated all the coadjutors who took the field to put out the fire that was burning the wood of Mount Ciremai.

As for the cause of the fire, he said, further investigations are still underway, but it is estimated that there are many factors that cannot be attributed to human activities alone. “We are still investigating the alleged cause, because obviously we cannot accuse this of being human. There are many factors,” she said.


Acting Head of Kuningan Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Indra Bayu added that the process of extinguishing the fire in the Mount Ciremai forest area was hampered by the strong winds and distance. and also by many stones to reach the place of the fire.

“The forest in the Monte Ciremai National Park caught fire for an estimated provisional area of ​​56.9 hectares. We worked to put it out last night.
fire blockade from Bukit Seribu Bintang towards Karang Dinding,” he said.

He said the hotspot was first discovered on Friday afternoon by the local community, then efforts were made to extinguish it by a joint team and the community.

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