The Ministry of Education and Culture releases ARKAS 4 for BOS funds management, discover the latest features

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) officially released the latest and fourth version of the School Activities Plan and Budget Demand nationwide o ARCHES Monday 7 August 2023.

ARKAS is an information system that facilitates planning, budgeting, implementation and administration, as well as accountability for school operating assistance funds or BOS funds in primary and secondary education units nationwide.

“Thanks to the support of various parties, the achievement of ARKAS platform usage currently reaches 99.5 percent,” Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim said in a webinar broadcast on the Ministry of Education’s YouTube channel. of culture.

Since last year, Nadiem said the Ministry of Education and Culture has made two major improvements to ARKAS. The first improvement is the integration of the Education Activities and Budget Demand Management Plan (MARKAS) with the Regional Development Information System (SIPD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Kemendagri) for the planning module.

The second improvement is the development of the third version of ARKAS in ARKAS 4. According to Nadiem, the latest version of ARKAS has a much more intuitive and secure usage flow and design because it complies with the technical instructions and is more practical because it has been integrated with the automatic tax of the School Purchase Information System (SIPlah).

“The treasurer and operators with ARKAS 4 need not worry, because during the release process they will receive assistance regarding the platform so that they can accelerate the learning process for the latest features of ARKAS 4,” said the general manager Early Childhood Education, Basic Education and Middle Education Ministry of Education and Culture Iwan Syahril.

Iwan said the improvements to ARKAS were made considering the feedback received from various groups. He said the latest ARKAS result was very good, although he said there were still many reports of improvements so that the platform could be refined.

“We already have outcome data for 2022. More than 217,000 schools have used the ARKAS platform and 99.8% of education units have reported BOS funds online for 2022. So, the total that used BOS funds in transparently is 50.7 trillion, said Ivan.

New features in ARKAS 4


Iwan said that the latest ARKAS features have been tested in various phases. Trials were conducted in three cities and limited to 10,000 educational units. The following are the new features of ARKAS 4:

1. The budgeting and administration system complies with the regular BOS technical guidelines of 2023.
2. Automatic withdrawal of remaining budget funds that can be used flexibly.
3. Automatic tax calculation that adjusts in detail to the type of expense.
4. The tax report functionality complies with applicable regulations.
5. Flow and design adjustment for more effective and accurate logging process.
6. Integration of ARKAS with SIPlah for automatic filling of purchases.

Currently, ARKAS 4 can manage funding sources from regular BOS, BOS Performance, BOS Performance SiLPA, regional BOS and other funding sources.

Who can use ARKAS 4?

As of August 7, 2023, ARKAS 4 can be used by all primary and secondary education units, both public and private across Indonesia, which are under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Based on the ARKAS Information Center website, schools receiving regular BOS funds even if in remote areas can still use ARKAS, but not for Indonesian schools located overseas.

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