The Ministry of Education and Culture publishes the Indonesian Education Report Card, which integrates data on education in the country

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Ministry of Education and Culture) launch Education Report Indonesia, Monday 25 September 2023. The launch of this Education Report Card is an effort to encourage the transformation of Indonesia’s education system.

The presence of the Education Report Card is a platform that integrates various educational data, especially national assessment data, so that it becomes a comprehensive measurement tool that presents the face of national education. Ultimately, this data brings important benefits in encouraging reflection and improving the quality of education.

The head of the Agency for Educational Standards, Curriculum and Assessment (BSKAP) of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Anindito Aditomo, said that the results of the national assessment are displayed in the Education Report Card together with the results of other assessments. “Through the Education Report Card, all stakeholders, including school principals, teachers and regional governments, can access education data for each educational unit and region,” he said, quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Education and of Culture.

The presence of the Education Report Card, according to Anindito, gives local governments and education units the opportunity to carry out data-driven planning. “This way, they can make improvements that are more targeted and geared to students’ learning needs,” she said.

Previously, the Education Report Card for regional governments was available in July 2023 and for education units in May 2023.

Education report cards for regional governments are designed using minimum educational service standards (SPM) as a baseline to measure the quality of education in an area and support data-driven planning. The existence of data-driven planning aims to assist local governments in formulating activities and budgets to improve the quality of education.

Meanwhile, educational report cards for educational units are equipped with various useful features. Design a summary page to help identify improvement priorities, a root cause page, and a feature called “improvement inspiration” to trigger improvement planning. There is also a poster available for download that more concisely presents the results of the learning units.


“It is easy to understand and can be distributed to the school community (including parents) to spark discussions about improvements,” Anindito said.

After the publication of the two Education Report Cards, Anindito explained, there is now also the Indonesian Education Report Card. The goal is for the public to see Indonesia’s educational achievements on a national scale and collaborate to improve the quality of state education.

The data in this year’s Indonesian Education Report Card is data from the 2022 Education Report Card, which is compared with the data of 2021. Various data sources such as National Assessment, Basic Education Data (Dapodik), education data collection system operated by the Ministry of Religion, Central Statistics Agency (BPS), applications for teachers and educational staff (such as Merdeka Mengajar platform, school activity plan and budget application, and information system for management of sustainable professional development), a Tracer Study specific to the vocational high school (SMK) level.

Anindito said there are 11 main indicators used for reference in the Education Report. The indicators in question include the measurement of basic literacy and numeracy skills and character growth and development, the quality of learning, the climate of safety, diversity and inclusiveness, the absorption of graduates and school partnerships professional and harmony with the world of work, the percentage of PAUD accredited at least B, as well as school enrollment rates.

All these indicators provide an overview of the overall quality of Indonesian education. The Indonesian Education Report Card platform can be accessed via and by pressing the “View National Results” button.

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