The Minister of Communications and Information highlighted Indonesia’s commitment to improving the digital economy

Jakarta (MidLand) – Minister of Communications and Information Technology Budi Arie Setiadi highlighted the Indonesian government’s commitment to improving the digital economy to reduce economic inequality and digitalization both in Indonesia and developing countries.

He said this on Monday while participating in a bilateral meeting with the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Indonesia is a large country made up of tens of thousands of islands. It is a great challenge for us to build a digital economy. We are committed to leaving no one behind,” Budi Arie said in a press release on Monday.

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Indonesia, he said, even launched e-government today in Jakarta.

Minister Budi Arie and his team also highlighted the importance of working together to advance developing countries in the Global South.

Meanwhile, DCO Secretary General Deemah Al Yahya explained that the DCO continues to encourage and develop digitalisation and the digital economy in many countries.

He shared the challenges facing developing countries in Africa and the Middle East.

“We are also committed to encouraging women’s participation and contribution to the digital economy,” Deemah said.

He then invited Budi Arie to participate in the DCO General Assembly to be held in Amman, Jordan in February 2025.

Budi Arie responded by inviting Deemah to attend the inauguration of the National Data Center created by the Indonesian government at the end of August in Cikarang.

The meeting discussed the acceleration and sustainability of the digital economy in Indonesia and around the world.

The meeting took place at 10.00 local time at the Geneva International Congress Center (CICG).

Budi Arie together with some Kemenkominfo delegates met with DCO Secretary General Deemah Al Yahya and the team.

Budi Arie was accompanied by Director General of Postal Control and Information Wayan Toni Supriyanto Wayan Toni Supriyanto and the special staff of the Minister of Communications and Information, Sarwoto, Dedy Permadi, Daniel Hutagalung and Jobpie Sugiharto.

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