The KPU ensures that the distribution of electoral logistics in Ternate occurs safely and regularly

Ternate (MidLand) – The General Election Commission (KPU) of the city of Ternate, North Maluku, assures that the distribution of logistics for the 2024 general elections (elections) in eight subdistricts of the city will have no problems, including the outermost subdistrict – districts will also operate safely and smoothly.

“Thank God, all distribution has been completed and everything is going safely and smoothly,” Ternate City KPU president M Zen A Karim of Ternate said on Monday.

Of the eight subdistricts of Ternate City, he said, the local KPU has given priority to the three outermost subdistricts due to weather factors currently affecting the area, however the distribution of all logistics went smoothly and there were no problems in the field.

He mentioned the three outermost subdistricts of Ternate City, namely Hiri Island, Moti Island and Batang Dua Island districts.

“Thank God, the first logistics distribution, yesterday in the sub-districts of Pulau Hiri and Pulau Moti, took place safely and smoothly because the distribution used rented transport in the form of speedboatand the weather is also sunny,” he said.

Meanwhile, for logistics distribution in Batang Dua Island District, he said, his group used patrol boats belonging to KSOP Ternate because in addition to ensuring safe shipment, the distribution process was also faster.

“We expect bad weather, so the deployment in Batang Dua district was carried out early on Monday (12/2) because traveling using other regular boats would take nine hours, while the KSOP Ternate patrol boat would probably be fast,” Zen said.

Meanwhile, five other subdistricts, such as Ternate Central, Ternate South, Ternate North, Ternate West and Ternate Island District, Zen said, have also completed the distribution because access to the five subdistricts is on Ternate Island using land transport.

“All ballot boxes have arrived in 78 sub-districts in eight sub-districts of Ternate city and the sorting will be done again by KPPS officers at the sub-district level,” M Zen said.

Based on Ternate City KPU data, the total number of polling stations (TPS) is 571 points spread across 78 subdistricts from eight subdistricts of Ternate City.

Journalist: Abdul Fatah
Publisher: Laode Masrafi
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