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GOOGLE celebrating the designation of Lake Toba as a UNESCO Global Geopark. The determination occurred on August 31, 2020. Lake Toba itself has many interesting stories to tell.

The lake in North Sumatra has a legend very close to the local community. From generation to generation, the history of the formation of Lake Toba cannot be separated from the history of Toba and the goldfish.

The story begins when a young orphan named Toba is fishing in the Toba River. He also caught a big goldfish. But since the scales of this fish looked shiny and beautiful, Toba decided to take him home and take care of him. It turns out that Toba’s admiration for these golden fish scales doesn’t stop there. After being captured by the goldfish, he transforms into a beautiful woman.

Toba then fell in love upon seeing the beauty of the princess. He even decided to marry her despite the princess placing one condition, namely that Toba had to promise not to reveal her origins to anyone. Years passed and a harmonious domestic relationship was established between the two. Toba also did not reveal his wife’s identity.

But one day the mother asked their son, Samosir, to bring food to Toba in the fields. Unfortunately, halfway through the journey, Samosir got hungry and ate what was supposed to be for Toba.

After eating it, Samosir continued his journey and gave the empty lunch to his father. Enraged by Samosir’s actions, Toba suddenly became furious and shouted that Samosir was a fish.

Suddenly the sky darkened and it rained heavily for days. Thanks to this rain, a large lake appeared which we now know as Lake Toba, and the island in the center of the lake was called Samosir Island.

Volcanic lake

In science, Lake Toba is a volcanic lake. This is alluded to in the book The geology of Indonesia (1939) by the Dutch geologist Van Bemmelen. According to him, initially this ancient volcano carried out volcanic activity and a very powerful eruption occurred.

The combination of volcanic and tectonic processes in this ancient volcanic eruption caused the central part of the mountain to subside, thus forming a basin elongated from northwest to southeast.

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The eruption also caused part of the land to tilt with a southwesterly tilt that formed the island of Samosir. After the powerful eruption, the Toba Caldera was covered with frozen rocks which then melted and formed a lake.

Furthermore, according to research, the ancient Toba volcano was once a supervolcano, which could emit magma of at least 300 km3 when it erupted 74 thousand years ago.

When the eruption took place, at least the ancient Toba volcano erupted no less than 2,800 km3 of volcanic material. What’s worse, as a result of this powerful eruption, the human population on earth reduced by 60% and this was followed by the disruption of the food chain.

In fact, it is said that this ancient volcanic eruption caused the near extinction of the Homo Sapiens species. Modern human migration also stopped, as the eruption isolated Homo Sapiens somewhere in Africa.

The designation of Lake Toba as a UNESCO Global Geopark occurred during the 209th session of the UNESCO Executive Committee in Paris. The Executive Board established 16 new UNESCO Global Geoparks, including the Toba Caldera.

With its legendary stories and its scientific side, it is no surprise that Lake Toba has a lot of attraction for everyone. On the other hand, Indonesia’s largest lake is also a major tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

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