The highest iPhone variant of the future is said to have this new feature

TIME.CO, Jakarta – They vary iPhone In the future, it is expected to come with a feature called “space photos and videos”. According to reports Macrumor, The camera of this iPhone variant allows users to record 3D content engaging in the form of video or photos. Once recorded, this spatial content can be uploaded and viewed on Apple Vision Pro.

Quoted from Gadgets now, The camera setup on the next top variant of the iPhone is said to revolutionize the way phones are taken Photo and videos. While it’s not yet known exactly what this ‘game-changing’ feature will be, it’s likely that the camera will be able to capture space photos and videos.

Vision Pro uses an outward-facing three-dimensional camera to capture 3D content engaging so it’s likely that new iPhone models will have similar settings.

Space videos and photos are designed to provide users with a deeper experience. This allows users to “relive” their memories like never before with Vision Pro’s three-dimensional camera and spatial audio.

Apple says it allows users to capture, relive and immerse themselves in their favorite memories. Each spatial photo and video takes users back to a moment, whether it’s a party with friends or a family reunion.


The next iPhone series could feature a three-dimensional camera that will improve on the current rear camera setup. The current setup includes a wide camera, a telephoto lens, an ultra-wide camera, a LiDAR scanner, and a True Tone adaptive flash.

However, the Weibo user who shared this rumor warned that the information is incomplete and that there may be more details in the future.

If the rumors are true, Apple should change the name of the highest variant of iPhone from Pro Max to Ultra. Rumors say that the Ultra model will arrive next year after the market launch of the Vision Pro headphones, expected in early 2024.

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