The Galaxy Z Fold6 is said to have a larger screen than its predecessor

Jakarta (MidLand) – In 2024, Samsung will launch its latest generation foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold6, as the successor to the Galaxy Z Fold5.

One thing we expect from this smartphone is a change in design, even in terms of screen size.

Based on the latest information provided by tech leaker Ice Universe in his X upload, it is known that the Galaxy Z Fold6 will have a larger external screen than its predecessor.

Information leaked by Ice Universe shows that the width of the Z Fold6’s external screen is approximately 60.2mm, marking a sharp increase over the width of the Z Fold5 which is 57.4mm.

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This expansion is expected to provide users with a larger viewing area, improving the overall user experience without reducing usability.

Additionally, Ice Universe also shared images revealing the design features of the Galaxy Z Fold6’s external screen.

It turns out that the latest generation of Samsung foldable phones have a symmetrical left and right frame thickness.

He also answered questions from netizens, for this generation Samsung seems to be planning to release only one Galaxy Z Fold6 model.

This step appears to have been taken by Samsung as a way to focus on simplifying the device’s sales offering, thus potentially providing a more seamless and cohesive user experience with the Z Fold6.

The Galaxy Z Fold6’s larger external display, paired with the symmetrical chassis design, signals Samsung’s commitment to responding to user feedback and improving the usability of its foldable devices.

By increasing the width of the external display and ensuring a symmetrical bezel, Samsung aims to strike a balance between providing a more immersive viewing experience and maintaining a form factor that is practical for everyday use.

As Samsung prepares to launch the Galaxy Z Fold6, the tech community is eagerly awaiting the impact this design change will have on the device’s overall performance and appeal.

With rivals like the Google Pixel Fold and OnePlus Open gearing up for updates, Samsung’s further updates to the Z Fold series are on the radar of foldable phone fans. Gizchina reported this on Saturday (25/5).

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