The First Lady took part in the Dekranas anniversary parade

Solo (MidLand) – First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo enlivened the parade marking the 44th anniversary of the National Crafts Council (Dekranas) by driving the Rajamala vehicle.

On Wednesday afternoon, while monitoring in Solo, Central Java, in a vehicle decorated with Rajamala, Iriana was accompanied by members of the OASE Advanced Cabinet for Indonesia. Besides this she was also seen the wife of the mayor of Surakarta, Selvi Ananda.

Arriving on the stage of honor, designed as a station equipped with a locomotive of the Jaladara steam train, Iriana received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) for the longest parade.

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On this occasion, MURI President Jaya Suprana said that the event deserves a record in Indonesia.

“But I think this is also a world record, because an event like this has never happened in the world, with so many cars and this beautiful dance,” he said.

On this occasion, Iriana paired the kebaya attire with a typical Dayak tribal headdress.

Previously, Dekranas Daily President Tri Suswati Tito Karnavian said that Dekranas’ 44th anniversary was also enlivened by an Indonesian crafts and culture carnival or a parade of decorated cars.

He said there were around 104 floats and 1,250 participants from various regions, both from Dekranas and the PKK across Indonesia.

“Thousands of Dekranasda administrators and PKK cadres from all over Indonesia participated in animating this cultural carnival,” he said.

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