The durability of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is in doubt, here’s why: techno Okezone

JAKARTA – A content creator, Zack Nelson, demonstrated the vulnerability of the iPhone 15 Pro Max body structure, which apparently breaks easily.

On his YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything, Zack said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max no longer uses stainless steel as its base material.

Instead, this time Apple uses Grade 5 titanium which is said to be lighter but stronger. Additionally, titanium is used in rovers or exploration vehicles on Mars.


“Titanium consists of several variants, where the first variant has the lowest specifications. However, Apple claims to use grade 5 titanium,” Zack said.

From there, Zack Nelson was interested in demonstrating the durability of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. He used various methods to demonstrate the strength of the grade 5 titanium and other materials in the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

First he scratched the surface of the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen with a needle. The results were extraordinary because the screen of the new Apple mobile phone was not scratched at all.

“The front camera also cannot be scratched because there is a dynamic island, which is also coated with anti-scratch material,” said Zack Nelson.

Not satisfied with scratching the phone’s screen, Zack Nelson also scratched the sliding part of the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s body. It turns out that the sides can still be scratched. Although the back is not damaged in the slightest even if it was scratched with a cutter.

“The camera wasn’t scratched at all,” Zack explained.

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After scratching, Zack immediately burned the iPhone 15 Pro Max using a lighter. The first part to be burned was the screen which turned out to be completely unchanged even if burned.

“Apple is really cool,” Zack said.

But the cell phone can be fireproof but not pressure resistant. Zack Nelson demonstrated this by pressing his cell phone inward with his fingers.

The surprising result was that the iPhone 15 Pro Max actually suffered a crack on the back of the body. Remarkably, the front screen is not affected at all.

“This should really concern iPhone 15 Pro Max owners,” he explained.

Extraordinarily, Zack also tried the same test on the iPhone 15 Pro. In fact, the pressure tests carried out gave different results.

From this test the iPhone 15 Pro did not find any cracks on the back.

“I don’t know what material Apple uses in the iPhone 15 Pro,” he explained.

The test results shocked netizens. They didn’t think it could happen.

There’s a new reason not to buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max,” wrote account X @kim***.

I think there is a small gap between the screen and the back that is not fixed perfectly and could be causing this condition.” wrote account owner X @mel***

So far Apple has not responded to the test results conducted by Zack Nelson. It’s just that Apple previously had a good after-sales track record.

iPhone users who experience damage will receive a replacement phone immediately.

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