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DIFFERENCE cheater and deep mode game will be discussed in this article. This is to avoid making mistakes during the game.

In general, cheats are fraudulent acts that players use to be able to play more easily or have more fun than usual. Cheats also use two methods, namely using illegal programs such as Game Guardian, Cheat Engine, Lulubox FF or Lulubox ML and many others.

The second way is to use cheats provided by the developer with the aim that players can have more fun. For example, GTA San Andreas and GTA 5 provide cheat features in the game. Apart from GTA, Electronic Arts also provides cheat features in The Sims 4 game and many others.

Meanwhile Mod is short for modification, where the user only makes changes to the game content. These changes are based on the Mod creator’s preferences or general requests from players who want their games to look different based on existing trends.

If you look closer, the main difference between cheats and mods is that cheats aim to provide unfair or illegal advantages directly to players.

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Meanwhile, mods focus more on modifying and developing larger game content illegally and unofficially by the developer.

Actually, the use of cheats and Mods in the game is not a big deal because the purpose of the game is to make you happy and enjoy the game.

In fact, the problem is that when using cheats in an official tournament, it will be harmful and annoying because the game will become one-sided. Therefore, everything comes back to the player when he uses cheats illegally, which means that the player is ready to take all the risks, including permanent ban of his account by the developer.

This is the difference between cheats and mods that you may not understand yet. Players need to pay more attention to avoid making mistakes.


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