The collaboration between Venteny and Plastic Bank will collect 20 tons of recycled plastic by 2024

TIME.CO, Jakarta – PT Venteny Fortuna Internazionale Tbk. (Twenty) in collaboration with PT Plastic Bank Indonesia (Plastic bank) to collect more than 20,000 kilograms plastic recycling, which is equivalent to 1 million plastic bottles, by 2024 to avoid polluting the oceans.

Indonesia is known as a maritime country with a water surface larger than the land surface. Plastic waste in the sea is a crucial environmental problem in Indonesia and must be addressed immediately.

The group’s founder and CEO, Jun Waide, said the collaboration with Plastic Bank, a social enterprise whose mission is to prevent marine plastic pollution and reduce poverty, demonstrates Venteny’s commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment and Indonesian society, in line with The government’s goal is to free Indonesian seas from plastic waste by 2040.

Venteny, he said, is committed to upholding environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles in all aspects of the company’s operations. Venteny focuses not only on financial profits, but also on the positive impact the company creates on the environment and society, supported by strong corporate governance.

“We continue to strive to integrate sustainable practices into all our actions, so that we can make a positive contribution to the world and society around us,” said Jun Waide as he signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation between the two set off. Tuesday 19 September 2023.

Meanwhile, Frederick Saman, Plastic Bank’s Country Manager for Indonesia, said his party has identified coastal areas in Indonesia that need plastic waste collection infrastructure and empowered local entrepreneurs to create branches for the collection of plastic waste.


Plastic collected by collector members can be exchanged for additional income and various other benefits, such as BPJS health insurance, BPJS employment, digital connectivity and banking services.

“As the second largest producer of marine plastic pollution in the world, Indonesia really needs companies to support plastic collection and recycling efforts in this country. “We are very happy to welcome Venteny to our mission to empower social recycling to empower communities to collect and recycle plastic waste,” said Frederick Saman.

Together with 14,000 plastic collection members in Indonesia, Plastic Bank has prevented more than 50 million kilograms of plastic waste from polluting Indonesia’s beaches and oceans. Venteny believes that the collaboration with Plastic Bank will have a positive impact that can be passed on to all Indonesian communities.

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