The Campus Workers Union is officially formed, this is the purpose of its establishment

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Several university workers in Indonesia held foundation congresses Campus Workers Union (SPK) on Thursday, August 17, 2023 in Salemba, Central Jakarta. This congress is the result of the collaboration of more than 100 workers University in Indonesia which joined the SPK Congress on 17 August 2023.

“The founders of the SPK will determine the statutes, regulations, format of central management and/or union manifesto,” said Kanti Pertiwi, chairman of the Indonesian Campus Workers Union Congress Committee on Friday, Aug. 18, 2023.

Kanti explained that the Congress on the establishment of the SPK was a deliberation held by the founders of the SPK to reach a consensus or based on the majority of votes taken through a voting mechanism.

The establishment of this union was the result of a response to the enactment of Regulation No. 1 of 2023 on the emancipation of the apparatus and the bureaucratic reform of the Minister of State apparatus related to functional positions (PermenPAN-RB), which was considered to have a negative impact on the teachers as a group of workers in the campus environment. There are several reasons why this policy is believed to have a negative and detrimental impact on faculty in the campus environment workforce.

First, the PAN-RB ministerial regulation is applied unilaterally without involving a participatory process. Second, the regulation governs performance appraisal very clearly and tends to focus on meeting top management expectations.

Third, integrate the performance of teachers into the bureaucratic work machine. Until the end, creativity will be killed in the name of the institution. Fourthly, there is an increase in the administrative burden.

Some of these reasons, according to Kanti, made campus workers protest, especially teachers. Eventually, the campus workers began to argue together and realized that the bargaining position of the campus workers had been too weak vis-à-vis education policy makers, from the campus bureaucracy, related ministries, who control the power of government.

“We realize that just being angry is not enough, swearing and cursing do not work, and getting angry will not change the situation. Therefore, the bargaining position of campus workers must be increased, force must be multiplied, and resistance must be organized,” said Herdiansyah as the chairman of the Congress Committee of the Indonesian University Union.


Herdiansyah also said that a strong bargaining position could be achieved through unions.

Initially, the Campus Workers Union (SPK) was formed for the benefit of the teachers’ struggle. However, the initiators realized that the workers on the campus were not just teachers. There are education, security and cleaners as well as assistants and apprentices.

The initiators set out to build a campus workers union that would accommodate the organizing will of all campus workers, regardless of their job type and status.

The Teacher Welfare Research Team found that 42.9% of teachers receive a salary of less than IDR 3 million per month. The Problem Formulating Group of the Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of University Unions also found that 58% of educational staff believe that their income is not sufficient to meet their daily needs.

“This congress is the first step for campus workers’ collective action to achieve a common goal. We hope that all campus workers can collaborate, help each other, and consult with each other to address all types of campus workers’ challenges.” campus,” Kanti said.

In addition to campus workers, various unions and organizations have expressed support for the establishment of SPK.

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