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JAKARTA – A UFO hunter named Russell Kellet claims to have managed to find an alien base on the bottom off the coast of England. According to Russell, his discoveries are the result of his research over the past 20 years.

The appearance of the alien base on the seabed was recorded in a collection of tapes. Russell revealed the recording after rumors spread that the United States had withheld all information about the aliens from the public.

As compiled by Metro, on Tuesday (8/8/2023), Russell said the alien base he found was in the area where RAF pilot William Schaffner crashed his plane into the North Sea in September 1970.

Where at that time the RAF pilot was said to have pursued the UFO but was unsuccessful and crashed instead, leaving only the wreckage of the plane which was only found three months later, whilst the location of the body of the pilot is still mysterious to this day.

“I’ve been visiting this site for the past 20 years, capturing footage of things coming out of the water,” Russell said.

The footage shows two strange planes emerging from the sea side by side. They are shaped like flying triangles with a roar similar to that of a fighter jet or airplane.

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Russell had previously shown the footage to his closest relatives, but they thought it was just an ordinary plane. Russell also denied saying it was impossible for the aircraft to fly low over that position especially at night.

“From my investigations, I have come to the conclusion that there must be an alien undersea base off the coast of Filey. The pilot who crashed in the North Sea, in my opinion, must have been abducted by aliens,” Russell said.

Russell further stated that the flying objects appeared to be able to go faster and out of maneuver by the government air force. The suspected UFO object was so sophisticated that it did not appear on radar.

He added that public hearings on UFOs in the United States involving former intelligence officers and witnesses had told him the same thing. He said that currently many people believe in the existence of UFOs.

“Now more than ever, people are starting to believe that there is alien life not only out there, but also visiting Earth,” he concluded.

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