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JAKARTA – A different view will be found when you open the Google search page. On this day, Thursday (8/31/2023), users will see a beautiful doodle with an illustration of Lake Toba.

As reported by the official Google page, this is a form of celebration of the designation of Lake Toba, located in Sumatra, Indonesia, as a UNESCO Global Geopark. This determination occurred in 2020.

“Lake Toba is a natural consequence of the devastating volcanic eruptions of the Toba caldera thousands of years ago. Lake Toba also offers beautiful views and is home to the UNESCO Global Geopark,” Google wrote.

The designation of Indonesia’s largest lake took place during the 209th session of the UNESCO Executive Committee in Paris. During that session, the Executive Committee designated 16 new UNESCO Global Geoparks, including the Toba Caldera.

The Toba Caldera entered the UNESCO list after being assessed and decided by the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council at the 4th International Conference of UNESCO Global Geoparks in Lombok, Indonesia.

Of note, the Toba Caldera itself erupted more than 74,000 years ago and created Lake Toba. The major eruption caused the volcano’s magma chamber to collapse to form an island known as Pulau Samosir.

Many tourists visit Lake Toba for its amazing nature. Apart from that, Lake Toba also offers outdoor activities like parasailing and kayaking on the lake.

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