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JAKARTA – Like living things in general, astronauts can die if the time comes. No exceptions when I’m in space.

The question is, what is the process like for burying astronauts who died while working in space? Is the process the same as burying the body on Earth?

In United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) records, over the past 60 years, only 20 astronauts have died in space.

This figure is relatively low considering that the number of astronauts sent to space has reached 622 people. It’s just that lately missions and space travel have become more frequent.


The more people arrive, the more likely that person is to die in space. So what is the burial process like for people who work in space?

Emmanuel Urquieta, professor of space medicine and emergency medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, said efforts to prevent death experienced by astronauts have been well executed. So the health checks for astronauts are very strict indeed.


To achieve this, NASA even created a special team, namely the Translational Research Institute for Space Health. The institute was formed so that the health of the astronauts is truly optimal.

It’s just that death can happen at any moment and if it happens in space, there are still procedures to be done.

“If an astronaut dies in the low Earth orbit area, such as on the International Space Station (ISS), the body will be sent back to Earth within hours,” wrote Emmanuel Urquieta, quoted The conversationWednesday (9/8/2023).

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The same provisions apply to astronauts who die during a mission to the moon. The difference is only in the longer travel time for sending the bodies, which can take days.

As long as the delivery takes place, the astronaut’s body also does not need to be preserved. Because the main priority is to ensure that the remaining crew can return to Earth safely.


Different provisions actually apply if the dead astronaut’s location is very far from Earth. For example, this location is in the Mars region, which is 56 million kilometers from Earth.

“In that condition, the other crew members cannot return to Earth and send the bodies. On the other hand, the bodies can only be brought back to Earth after the end of the mission,” explained Emmanuel Urquieta.

Well, as long as they haven’t been buried on Earth, the remaining crew of the starship has to deal with the preservation of the bodies. The body of the dead astronaut was then placed in a special body bag and placed in a separate place.

The temperature and humidity of the room must also be regulated so that the body can be properly preserved. Fortunately the condition of the outdoor space is also very possible for natural conservation.

The same thing also happens if an astronaut dies while setting foot on one of the planets in space. The rest of the crew are not allowed to cremate or bury them in the planet’s soil as is done on Earth.

As with the previous procedures, the deceased astronaut’s body is placed in a bag and awaits return to Earth after mission completion.

“Handling the remains of those who died in space will help with the loss and grief of those left on Earth,” wrote Emmanuel Urquieta.

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