The air quality in Pontianak was unhealthy, improved today thanks to the rain

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Said the head of the Environmental Service of the city of Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Syarif Usmulyono air quality in the city of Pontianak is gradually improving due to rain in the area.

“Air quality conditions from morning to evening yesterday were in the moderate to good category with ISPU data for PM2.5 particulate matter concentration at 68 µgrams/m3 in the medium category at 1600 WIB,” he told Pontianak, Friday, September. 8 2023.

He explained that the air quality in the city of Pontianak as of Sept. 5, 2023 was in the average to good category because it was still in the unhealthy category at certain times, that is, at midnight around 1 a.m., then slowly dropped again before ‘Sunrise.

According to him, the improvement in air quality was caused by the rain that fell on Pontianak in recent days. “So the current condition, thank God, is in the moderate category with the ISPU figure below 15,” he said.

However, he asked the people of Pontianak to remain vigilant of the possibility of hotspots emerging even as air quality is improving. “In the meantime, the people of Pontianak must remain vigilant not to contribute to the occurrence of wildfires or haze,” she said.


He also reminded the community not to burn garbage families and deforest land by burning it. “We work together not to burn waste from homes and the land,” she said.

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