Thanks to Apple’s Satellite SOS, forest fires in Canada were prevented: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Apple’s Satellite SOS feature has been in the spotlight since it was first announced. And now the feature is proving to be useful as it has successfully prevented forest fires in the Missanabie, Ontario, Canada area.

Filled in by Gizmochina, on Saturday (5/8/2023), the fire was put out after residents used the satellite SOS feature on their iPhone 14 smartphone. Thanks to this feature, they can contact officials even if they don’t have a signal Internet.

The fire was finally managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, which arrived moments later. After battling with the hot flames, officers and residents finally managed to prevent a huge bushfire.

“The new GlobalStar emergency feature on iPhone 14 makes it easier for us to communicate with the MNRF when we approach a burning island,” said Eric Belanger, a resident who took photos and shared the timeline of the events.

Of note, this new iPhone feature built into the 14 and 14 Pro models allows users to reach emergency services during internet outages. It is usually used in emergency situations when someone gets lost.

The satellite SOS function is available in the absence of a cellular signal. The user interface requires the user to point their iPhone at the closest satellite to receive a signal.

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This feature collects data about reported incidents and shares your location with emergency services. Aside from slow data transfer speeds and potentially poor connection quality, it offers a lifesaver in an emergency situation.

Of note, this isn’t the first time Apple’s Satellite SOS feature has managed to save an emergency. Previously the function had also managed to rescue a climber who was lost in the forests of California, USA.

A group of hikers who were on a nature trip and climbing expedition in a foreign area of ​​California got lost from their planned route.


They lost their way after traveling some distance from their starting point. It is said that they almost went down a steep canyon if they didn’t use the iPhone’s features.

From the group that took the excursion, ten of them were iPhone users who activated the Emergency SOS function. This SOS function connects them to local rescue teams.

After receiving a distress call, a rescue team was dispatched to find and rescue the climbers. Eventually they were taken to the settlement closest to their location, namely in the Ventura area.

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