Telecommunications companies play a role in economic equality

Jakarta (MidLand) – Indosat President and Commissioner Ooredoo Hutchison Halim Alamsyah said that companies operating in the telecommunications sector have an important role in promoting economic equality in Indonesia.

According to Halim, telecommunications companies are at the forefront as drivers of the development of innovation in the field of technology.

“I think that’s one of the company’s advantages telecommunications (telecommunications) is a telecommunications company that is always at the forefront of technology because it needs to grow by developing technology as quickly as possible,” Halim said at the “Empowering Indonesia Forum” in Medan Merdeka Barat on Monday.

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The role of telecommunications companies in providing technological innovation, particularly to improve connectivity between regions, can unlock regional economic potential and encourage entrepreneurial growth for entrepreneurs, including young entrepreneurs.

“I can say that (telcos) play a very important role not only in supporting connectivity, but also in creating an environment where young entrepreneurs and other businesses can grow faster and unlock their potential, especially in Indonesia” , Halim said.

On that occasion, Halim explained that in recent years, Indonesia’s economic growth has continued to be 5%, but areas outside Java depend on Java, especially in terms of infrastructure.

From a production point of view, in fact, explained Halim, the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua have no less potential than Java. According to him, one of the causes of this inequality is unequal digital connectivity.

Halim said that Indosat has made many contributions to improving connectivity in Indonesia both in terms of infrastructure and digital, and has even entered the realm of digital economy supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

“So we actually have a new combination, connectivity in terms of physical infrastructure, we have connectivity in a digital context, and now we are entering a digital economy driven primarily by artificial intelligence. This could be a good opportunity for us,” he said. Halim said.

In order to increase economic growth and equality, Halim encourages investment in creating digitally skilled human resources and investing more in the technology sector.

“Because without technology, without people ability “I think Indonesia will continue to be left behind,” Halim said.

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