Supporting the development of eSports, Moonton Games distributes educational scholarships: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Mobile Legends Bang Bang game developer Moonton Game is distributing scholarship programs in cooperation with several Indonesian universities with the Moonton Cares program. The awarding of the scholarship was accompanied by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Moonton Indonesia and Perbanas Institute and Seventeenth University of August 1945 (UTA45), on Friday (18/8/2023).

Through the “Building the Legend” program, Moonton provides scholarships to students of Perbanas Institute and Seventeen August University to encourage quality education in Indonesia and provide opportunities for young people to pursue a career in the world of esports.

“The selected students went through several stages for four months, starting from registration, interviews, to announcing the acceptance of the scholarship. We are very motivated to support the necessary educational needs for students in Indonesia so that can excel academically and become productive contributors to society through gaming and esports,” said Azwin Nugraha, marketing and communications manager at Moonton Indonesia.

Students who take part in this scholarship program are also subject to several requirements, such as the specialization they pursue that is relevant to the eSports or gaming industry such as graphic design, business, marketing, game development, technology information; have a minimum GPA of 3.2 in the last semester, be active in organizational activities both on and off campus, and achieve academically.

“We hope to continue being consistent in supporting the esports ecosystem in Indonesia and also in contributing to the continuity of education,” Azwin added.

This moment also received appreciation from the Indonesian ESports Executive Board (PB ESI). They hope for advancements in eSports and gaming to realize the vision of a golden Indonesia in 2045.

“PB ESI expresses its utmost appreciation to the entire esports ecosystem and education world who have a great commitment and are very serious in supporting the upskilling of Indonesian esports players who are actually part of the efforts to prepare the future Indonesian digital talent who are expected to actively contribute to “realizing the vision of a golden Indonesia in 2045,” said Ashadi Ang, head of public relations and communications at PB ESI.

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On the same occasion, UTA45 Chancellor J. Rajesh Khana revealed that his campus is ready to support the synergy between eSports and the education sector.

“eSports is part of the transformation made to introduce all students to the importance of development and competition through esports. A student activity unit will be formed especially for esports so that all students can handle it,” said Rajesh .

Since 2018, Moonton Games has also produced hundreds of eSports athletes who have competed professionally in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia and also Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League Indonesia.

For the record, Indonesia took home a silver medal at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines and the 2020 SEA Games in Vietnam, a gold medal at the 2023 SEA Games, and won the world championship (IESF 2022), as well as the World Computer Games.

Indonesian Mobile Legends team, EVOS Esports, was also named the best MLBB team in the world after winning the Mobile Legends World Championship held in Malaysia three years ago.

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