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NO few of us often type messages on our cell phones while walking. While it sounds like multitasking, one study managed to demonstrate a number of risks that can be experienced while doing so.

A study by Neuroscience Research Australia at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has released the dangers of typing while walking.

One of the researchers, Mathe Brodie, said she involved 50 students for the research. Commands were then asked while sitting and walking.

In this experiment, Brodie et al created a course with six different conditions that the participants had to pass. There is also a small floor with a different material.

Each participant then used motion sensors on their head, trunk, hips and legs to record their movements and posture. They were first asked to reply to messages while walking with pre-set phrases, then they were also asked to continue walking without replying to messages.

As a result, they said most participants would fall over while texting while walking. Also, they won’t even focus on typing the requested message.

“Some (participants) slowed down and took a more careful approach to avoid slipping. Those who focused on walking did not slip.” said Brodie quoted by ABC AustraliaWednesday (9/8/2023).

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Not only that, it also decreases the accuracy or completeness of message replies. Those who sat and focused on replying to messages got the most accurate typing results.

Not effective without the help of a smartphone

Even if they understand these consequences, according to Brodie, many adults tend to underestimate these things, not even paying attention to their surroundings.

Thus, this study suggests that every cell phone has a feature to lock the screen when the user is walking or driving.

In addition, Brodie plans to conduct research to demonstrate whether locking cell phone screens will still be effective in preventing accidents while walking. Of course, this can happen when accompanied by the awareness of not responding to messages while doing other activities.

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